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Opportunities Within Burke County Public Health

By Samantha Simmons

Burke County Public Health is embarking on an exciting journey to become an Academic Health Department, and we are well on our way! The health department is expanding its outreach to provide invaluable learning opportunities for students, empowering them to understand the detailed workings of public health.

The initiative welcomed Campbell School of Osteopathic Medicine students, offering hands-on experience in the health department. It goes beyond hospitals, providing a holistic view of public health. We aim to empower students with a comprehensive understanding of public health and its relevance to various settings. Through our program, we equip them with knowledge to integrate public health principles into their careers. Students explore the day-to-day operations of departments like WIC and Environmental Health, gaining insights into public health work. In Environmental Health, they accompany specialists on-site, witnessing how they address environmental challenges. This experiential learning broadens their perspective and emphasizes public health's vital role in community well-being.

But it doesn't stop there. Burke County Public Health has extended its open-door policy to high schoolers, undergraduates, and individuals affiliated with different organizations, encouraging a culture of learning and collaboration. These students have the freedom to explore areas of interest within the department, working alongside seasoned professionals on real projects that directly impact the community's well-being. Burke County does not only want to be part of the journey of learning for interns but also for working professionals.

Burke County Public Health works closely with multiple disciplines to continue to improve their education.  As they depart Burke County Public Health, these students and working health professionals will carry with them a sense of accomplishment, knowing they've contributed meaningfully to the health of Burke County residents.

Burke County Public Health is committed to nurturing partnerships with schools, colleges, and universities, aiming to share its wealth of experience and passion for public health with the next generation of professionals. By serving as a supportive resource for students throughout their academic journey and beyond, the health department undertakings to be a beacon of inspiration and guidance in the realm of public health.


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